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What's our History?

The PLCB was resurrected in 2003 after a 15 year recess. The complete history of the band is unknown and we are researching our history. Records show that the PLCB has been around since early 1900s. Previously a brass marching band. The band has suffered a number of recesses due to the loss of the band masters and regulations of the constitution forbidding the band to continue without an assigned band master.

If you have any historical information on the band, please contact us

The Band has recently organised alot of their historical documents, photos, instruments and other memorabilia. The Port Lincoln Historical Society are taking possession of the many items and aim to present it to the public at the Flinders Park Museum, dependant on funding from the City Council to extend the museum to make room! The Historical Society have also discovered other documents at the Port Lincoln Library that record more history of the City Band!!
After 12 years in the Studio at the rear of the Nautilus Theatre the band has been moved to Arteyrea, a shared venue on the Corner of Blackman Place and Mortlock Tce, providing the band members & visitors ground floor access to rehearsal rooms, making it safer & easier for all.
Over the last 12 years the Band has had a number of Music Directors and has been lucky to have a helpful Deputy Director who has carried us through tough times when we were "between directors". 
Kathryn Hardwick-Franco was the first to take on the role in 2003, followed by Michael Hester and most recently and currently Stephen Campbell. 
Gordon Hartley was the band's president in 2003 until 2008 when he resigned from the band & committee and handed the role to Valerie Staunton who has held the position from 2009 to current.

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